Your Heart

The days were like spring when the butterflies flitted about and the flowers were blooming and bees were buzzing along.  All was right in the world and everywhere you looked, life was bursting forth with radiance of color and passion of newly discovered life.

Beauty was in the eye of the beholder and in the heart as well.  Giggles and games filled the day and deep slumber molded the hours of the night.  Favor among men and women of the community reigned with each new endeavor taken and hurdles were met with a posse of friends always surrounding.

The sun rose and set, the moon followed its path and after the passage of many seasons, it was as if winter was here to stay.  The winds howled with a forecast of doom and the rains came, flooding the land and sweeping away hopes and dreams.  Surplus turned into debt and demons began to haunt.

The true story no one knows but blows of adversity, deceit and denial pelted with knowledgeable and intimate fists until the bond of three cords was worn and thin.  News spread of impending doom while whispers slid insidiously in and out of every listening ear.

Infidelity and riotous living morphed the tender heart into a vicious, sinister one.  Insecurity and a past of pain and rejection froze the other heart with revenge its only motive and desperation its only power.  Divorce, complicated and conniving, now defined the day and the nights brought abiding anger and fear.

Your heart has long been forgotten and the agenda grows beyond the family circle.  Invested are many becoming with stones from yesteryear.  Sharp and fast, hidden and deceiving are the words and the deeds of those who once professed love and commitment.

It is a divine undertaking to be gentle as a dove but wise as a serpent, so take my heart and hold it fast; it beats hard and furious with the desire to retaliate and to annihilate all the evil doers.  Keep my heart and restrain it from what comes naturally for in it there is no good thing, however noble its passionate rationale may scream.

Your heart is what is needed here, in the place of my heart and theirs.  You desire good things for them and their home as well as me and mine.  For Your glory should always be the supreme sacrifice yet it is our obedience that You long for so that we may experience Your heart and be free from ours.

They were created in Your image as was I and mine.  Our hearts are what You are after and Your heart is what You long to give.  So take my shock and my fear, my dismay and my instinctive desires.  Toss them in the sea and carry them far from me.  Have Your will and Your way in me for it is You that I ultimately desire.

Clothe us in Your robes of white so that we may kneel in Your presence for forgiveness and healing.  Crown us with Your power so that we may stand before You with uninhibited praise.  Shackle the works of the evil one and bind his deeds of seduction.  Release us from the beguiling blinders of deception and redeem us from the persistent pistons of pride.

When the scandal dims in memory and time, may it be that what You have brought together will be renewed in unity in You.  May those who have stood in witness reflect Your glory and no other story.  Snip away the barbed wire that presses in and traps our bleeding hearts.  Touch us and make us whole.


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