Love Invaded

When love is invaded
by pride and fear
insecurity happens.

Questions and doubts
abound and flourish
and freedom becomes elusive.

Vision becomes narrowed
and hearts become hardened
in this new and frightful territory.

Observation fades into introspection
as hate morphs our perspective
and motivation into a black hole.

Anger and revenge guides
the eyes while hands choke
and feet stumble.

Where once we reached out
to caress with gentleness and love
we now grasp with the stronghold of death.

We cannot stop the insanity
for pride has blinded us
and fear paralyzes us.

When love is invaded
by pride and fear
joy will surely end.

Pain will become our pillow
and bitterness will be our bed
as slowly we move into oblivion.




2 thoughts on “Love Invaded

  1. Freedom can be many things. I just got the thought for me it was going to a fulfilling place because I wanted to go not because of a commitment or that I should go.
    Like I told a priest I want to go to Church this Sunday because I want to go not because I ought to. I enjoyed it that Sunday.


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