In the Lifeboat

Sailing along when all was good, it was as if life was a cruise.  Laughter was plentiful and smiles were natural.  The sun shone down with glorious warmth as if brilliant diamonds sparkled across the sea.  The breeze that blew caressed the skin and soothed with gentleness.

Then the storm came and the ship tossed and lurched within the compelling force of nature.  Water threatened to overtake and the skies opened up with darkness, crashing thunder and piercing lightning.  Bolts of energy and death sought out the unsuspecting traveller.

The lifeboat beckoned with promise though small and fragile.  But where was there to go but in that little lifeboat.  The world changed from polished wood and clever design to now a small island held afloat by the breath of air.  Opulence faded into the darkness and survival bobbed atop the stormy sea.

In the lifeboat I now sit and in the lifeboat I must remain.  There is neither compass, rudder nor motor for control of the lifeboat I do not have.  Tomorrow may never come and this night may be my last for right now today is all I have.  Exposed to the elements though it appears, but to this Lifeboat I will cling.

In the Lifeboat, I need only to be still.  Therein is safety though vulnerable and helpless it feels.  The roar of an approving crowd and the companionship of gold and apparel are whispering ghosts of a distant past.  The Lifeboat is there to save and to redeem.  There is neither life, hope nor power beyond this Lifeboat.



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