The Fiery Furnace

To enter the fiery furnace without Divine Direction will guarantee you a trip into hell.  The flames will scorch and the heat will suffocate.  The infernal screams will haunt and the darkness will overwhelm.  Do not enter without Sanctified Protection.  Do not flirt with a power that consumes.

With Sanctified Protection, there must be personal holiness and righteousness.  Submission to Mercy and Grace, Truth and Sovereignty is a must.  The voices may taunt, but they cannot harm you.  The darkness may cloak but cannot swallow you.  Where there is Sanctified Protection, enter in with abandonment.

Keep your heart pure and your mind focused.  Keep your hands clean and your tongue chaste.  Speak only when Wisdom empowers.  Bow only to that which is Holy.  Lift your head and hands in worship.  Fill your mouth with praise and your ears with Truth.  Be strong and courageous.


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