The Other Way

The other way has its lure.  The openness to explore the darker side where baser instincts is seduction one small act at a time.  Giggles may come in the beginning for the thrills seem harmless.  As the acts progress with boldness, so do the consequences increase in torment.

The other way is an adventure.  Anger becomes a strength and revenge is a door that swings wide into a territory of no return.  The illusion of control and power comforts one day and howls like wolves on the hunt the next with secrets becoming shackles that bind.  The heart becomes brittle as strangers and friends alike become a threat.

There is a way, The Way, that leads to freedom.  It takes courage to expose the secrets but only then will healing begin.  Nice, neat answers may not come and the journey may need a lifetime of commitment.  Birth of new life does not happen without labor, but birth of new life will not happen if aborted.

The Way, The Truth and The Life will never rob you of respect nor fill you with shame.  There will be no condemnation but there will be restoration.  There will be no rejection but there will be redemption.  Time is not defined by now nor today but is held in the Light of Eternity.

The Way, The Truth and The Life is the way of Love.  The sacrifice has already been made and the price was long ago paid.  It requires of you only your heart, your heart with its brokenness and pain.  With your commitment and by your faith, The One who loves you unconditionally will make your heart whole again.


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