It’s Not Fair!

From crisis to crisis we roam.
Always in battle, we’re ready to fight.

“It’s not fair!”, we cry.
“It’s their fault!, we shout.

We’ve drawn a line of good and bad.
We pride ourselves for staying on the upper side.

So when bad things happen, we rage.
We don’t deserve this, so someone must pay!

The book I’ve written on how to live is right.
Everyone should heed it or die.

If others choose not to obey, they are wrong.
Let me at them and I will surely push them along.

It is true that the Book of Life has been written.
Its pages, however, are not filled with deeds good or bad.

The Book of Life is full of names.
People are in that Book, folks like you and me and them.

The Author of that Book penned another.
It is a Book of Love, on every aspect of life.

Give it a read, give it a go and see what you will find.
Do not be surprised if the Book of Love brings new life.

If crises are all you know, I ask you to stop and ponder.
Consider if the book you live by is causing to wander and die.

It is human to want to be the god of your universe.
It is natural when we work to control.

But the truth of the matter is that we do not have universal power.
Of ourselves, and much less others, transient and slippery is our grasp.

Would it not be better to soar on wings like an eagle than to slither as a boa constrictor?
Put down your weapons of battle and pick up The Book of Love.

It was not a bad thing when you were born.
So do not live as though evil is the only choice.

Give yourself over to The Truth of the Book of Life and the Book of Love.
Then you will withstand earth’s darkness in the face of Grace.

Hope will be reborn as your heart becomes as tender as a child.
Let your soul and your mind be renewed while Another goes to battle for you.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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