Through Shattered Lens

Through shattered lens is my vision skewed. Clarity is fractured through the shards of brokennss. Where once I could see without distraction, now I struggle to keep my perspective.

Anger wells up in me when I think of how I got here. Condemnation pokes its bony finger as nails of shame rake down the chalkboard of my ego.

Adjustments are necessary when life happens and adversity rattles our comfort zone. When we are reminded of our human frailty, it is the time to remember a Divine Sovereignty.

Give me grace each day, I pray, to see beyond what pains me. Appointed for me is wholeness and healing as today forges into tomorrow and throughout Eternity.

Even though the lens through which I view distorts what I see, who I am has not changed nor who I will be. As my eyes struggle to focus, fill my ears with a Holy Melody.

Search my thoughts and hold them steady. Bathe my heart in Love’s impenetrable security. Though my body be riddled with weaknesses, let my strength be gleaned from You.


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