There Once Was a Man

There once was a man
who entered the world
through a family close-knit.

One momentous day he ventured
into a different land far away
and clannish by culture.

Foreign were their customs
proving contradictory were their values
eschewing charity and acceptance.

Wholeheartedly and expectantly
he accepted them and their ways
though meaningless it sometimes appeared to be.

With his mind, he led with intelligence
and with his heart, he embraced with compassion
as he worked with his hands to comfort and to heal.

The years fell away with time
as did the friends with whom he walked
and shoulders grew weary under burdens of the soul.

Though his head hung low
his intelligence never waned
yet his heart burned with indignation and doubt.

Still his mind and his hands continued to work
dispensing knowledge and hope
for the hurting and the shunned.

Today he sits as a leader in his community
teaching those who want to be taught
and often confronting the unwilling.

Still his heparinized faith questions
truth when the blind lead the blind
as reality disproves riotous religion.

‘Tis easy for the casual observer
to overlook and to misunderstand
the passion hidden deep within the man.

Others have been drawn to him
for his maverick-like character
handsome in looks and winsome in ways.

What you see is what you get
about him you would quickly say
yet still there are depths to him unfathomable.

But if you were to embrace this man
you will discover a heart like no other
faithful, loyal, giving and true.

He is a man whose respect is worth earning
and if you have won a place in his life
you must understand you are among a few.

Those who take the time to know him
will love him and their respect
for him will mature and grow.

Precious is life to him
with trust and transparency
defining close relationships and friends.

Laughing will happen easily
with him as time is invested
as will challenges occur naturally.

There once was a man
who entered the world
longing to love and to be loved.

Open your heart if you want to see him
and so open your mind if you wish to know him
but do not be surprised how much you will learn about you.


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