The End

Page after page, I turned through the story.  Visuals, anecdotes, revelations, bits of humor and questionable intelligence lined the pages again and again.  Run-on sentences, Southern drawl, lofty poetry and educated soliloquies were the language and the culture.

Page after page, the story line continued.  Rambling plots that shifted back and forth to nowhere.  Pointless conversations and observations began to take their toll and reading became labored.  Perseverance and determination, and not inspiration, drove on.

Page after page, where oh where was this going?  Only a handful of pages rested against the back cover.  There was a glimmer of a Light at the end of the tunnel.  The last chapter heralded The End, beyond the present Whatever You Say.

Page after page, the last chapter riveted the reader with excitement and hope.  Tears and laughter flowed the same.  Redemption was there in the end.  Benediction, blessing, worship are there in the end.  Never, never, never–stop reading until The End. And don’t be surprised at who wins.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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