Drunken Measures

Day after day, he woke up to yesterday.  Bill, Failure and Responsibility never slept and as soon as his eyes were open, they bombarded with their insistent demands. It is hard to look forward to today and impossible to hope for tomorrow when yesterday is the hard pillow upon which you rest.

Young though he was, old was what he felt.  Tied, committed, burdened and overwhelmed by idealistic decisions made in rapid succession when lust was passion and charisma was character.  Idealistic decisions have a way of morphing into reality with the bark and bite of a junkyard dog.

The dew of love’s blush gave way to the shine of oblivion’s elixir.  Oddly enough that was the only time the roar of  Bill, Failure and Responsibility lowered to an acceptable level.  Ah the bliss of oblivion is heavenly in the moment but day after day, he continued to wake up to yesterday.


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