Tell Me Again

Tell me again where I should be headed
in this journey in a strange and conflicting land.

From slavery into the desert I followed You
yet it feels like I have been discarded forevermore.

The wilderness scorches and sizzles in the heat of day
while the dark night hours bring chilling and bitter torment.

Manna stretches across the horizon like dew in the morning
satisfying my hunger and setting aside my helplessness.

Tell me again why I am here and to where I am going
for my feet are dragging and my shoulders are weary.

The horizon reveals You each morning with provision
in itself a promise of all Who You are.

The tent of Your Presence moves before me
each step, each mile of the way.

Even so, the length of this exit from bondage
pelts me like stones from the accuser.

Tell me again for I need to be reminded that
I am safe in Your Arms and Your Heart is still for me.


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