The Shorn Woman

Within a society where image is essential in walked a woman with a shorn head. The buzz began and so did the whispers.  Shock set in followed by personal theories and public discussions.  Condemnation juxtaposed with admiration bloomed in the bed of gossip.

Within a society in which image is essential there abides a culture where big hair, an intense tan, stiletto style shoes, bedazzled clothes and bold jewelry are the outward signs of femininity.  Coincidentally, the ladies of the adult entertainment industry are described thusly as well.  In walked a woman with a shorn head underneath a stylish hat.  As interesting as the hat may be, more interestingly a bald nape and exposed ears were seen.  Incidentally, her skin was fair and her jewelry modest. These were not the only unique identifiers of this woman.  She wore leg braces and orthopedic shoes; she used a cane to walk.

Within a culture where overt politeness and covert reconnaissance for facts find the truth of the situation, all noticed this new exposure of the woman’s head.  All had quizzical facial expressions but only a handful verbally questioned.  One or two commented on the hat; two asked about the shaving.  One reacted in shock; one reacted with acceptance, approval and admiration for being brave and bold.

Within a culture where inclusion by definition means exclusion by practice, a woman walked in with a shorn head.  She doesn’t comply to society’s norms; she doesn’t obey cultural rights and wrongs.  The decision to remove her hair was hers and was made voluntarily, not under duress.

In walked a woman with a shorn head.  In which chair would you like her to sit?  Will you be offended and think ill of her?  Will you worry about her behavior, for has she lost her mind?  Will you be concerned that there are new medical issues?  Will you seek her attention to find out why?  And can you rejoice if she is rejoicing?

She shaved her head but do you feel the buzz?



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