Fair Grounds

Through the eyes of a child or the eyes of an adult, it still looks pretty much the same. Perhaps it is a bit less intimidating which can be attributed to familiarity and a bit of larger physical presence as an adult than as an adult.  I guess with adulthood, there is a feeling of power that replaces the powerlessness of a child.  Entering the fairgrounds awakens the déjà vu in all of us as well as sense of the unknown.

Electricity from the excitement of children is tempered with the frustration of their parents to be careful.  Cables and wires are hazardous ribbons across the asphalt; strangers and strange people pass by, rubbing shoulders with and elbowing the good, middle-class American.  Vendors yelling across the way, beckoning and beguiling the gullible to play their games in the hopes of winning an over-sized plush toy.  Carts designed to produce their sugary neon delights attract the youngest of all; cotton candy dreams will surely invade their rest and sleep tonight.  Amid the bright lights and booming music are the smells of funnel cakes, corn dogs and vinegar fries.

Continuing down the main avenue, the fun house with distorted mirrors is to the left and house of oddities is to the right.  In the far acreage beyond sight are the livestock pens and stalls, beyond sensory of sight but not far enough for the olfactory senses.  Competition not restricted to animals of the farm, but also to baking and other foods as wells as beauty queens.  The fairgrounds offers something for everyone.  An adventure to the fairgrounds is a family affair, though one might have to define family in alternatively.

Now, look at Mr. and Mrs. up ahead.  You know who I am speaking of.  He’s wearing khaki Dockers and white tennis shoes.  She has on blue jean capri pants with her white tennis shoes.  Both have on light blue plaid cotton tops.  Their shuffling gait carries them one step at a time toward the ferris wheel.  Back in the courting days, the first kiss happened atop that ferris wheel.  After the sun had set, of course.

But what might surprise you is what is going on over there at the merry-go-round, a popular attraction for the little ones.  The carousel is a moving fairy tale with painted horses on limited axis of movement, sing-song music and more bright lights.  You see what I see, don’t you?  The young couple just there!  She is sitting side-saddle and he, being the gallant knight in shining armor, has his arms around her, holding her steadfast and true as they face wonders of a fairy tale life together.


Fair Ground Scape Star Corner 2

Perhaps you aren’t taken aback by all the ruckus behind us, over there in the circle of bumper cars.  The little carts are on a restricted course going round and round but the objective is to crash into and prohibit advancement of your framily members.  That group you are watching, well, they are in fact a well-known family.  When you normally see them sitting stonily on the back row, the people around them are engaged in worship services; their hearts and minds aren’t.  Looks like they may have found passion and a way communicate here in a pseudo-combative arena.

One could say that life is fair grounds for all manner of relationships.  One could argue that all manner of relationships is fair grounds for life.





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