Things This Beautiful

“Why do things this beautiful make me want to cry?”
I asked Michael as I leaned into him.
It was an unguarded question,
one I’d never have asked of Hugh.


“I don’t know,” said Michael.  “Maybe beauty, true beauty, is so overwhelming, it goes straight to our hearts.
Maybe it makes us feel emotions that are locked away inside.”


It is not the pure gold hair that flows behind her as she gallops around, pretending to be a horse rider in the rodeo.  It is not the bright and observant blue eyes.  It is her wit and charm.  It is her discernment and her sensitivity.  It is her unabashed innocence that is her beauty.  It is indeed overwhelming.  It goes straight to the heart and spills over through the tears that make their way down my face without my permission.  At five years old, Grace continues to surprise, to intrigue and to humble with her winsome ways.

In the midst of a confusing and conflicting world, there is Grace.  Grace continues to grow, to develop and to mature.  Sometimes her character is hidden by all the pain and injustice and it is as if the sun has disappeared behind dark clouds.  Sometimes it feels as if the light has been swallowed by a black hole.

We wait with bated breath and silent prayers for Grace to reappear, hoping for unfettered resurrection of beauty, true beauty.  And here she comes, galloping down the hall and around the room, shrieking with abandoned delight as a mane of vulnerability and a tail of innocence swish and toss in the air.

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