Her Beauty Is In Her Walk

She steps forward and her torso twists.  The hamstrings are too tight to allow for a normal stride.  Her stride and her speed are determined by pivoting from her waist and swinging her legs from her hips.  Yet her beauty rests upon her walk.  

The faster she walks, the less elegant she becomes.  Shifting her weight from side to side gives a rocking motion to her mobility.  The upper torso is constantly relied upon for strength and thrust forward.  When she is in motion, her torso knows no rest.  

Strangers often glance her way and then quickly divert their eyes in embarrassment, but as she steps past them their eyes linger in curiosity.  There are those who take in the full picture and smile at her with their lips and with their eyes when their paths cross with hers.  Some who know her make her an exception, carving out a safe place to stow her while the business, and pleasures, of life are carried out.  There are those who adjust to her uniqueness and make room for her and life is embraced together. 

Her beauty is in her walk, though twisted and laborious it may be.  Her life, her uniqueness and her stride were determined in Sovereignty.  Her gait was birthed in tandem with the gift of life.  Some would balk at receiving this type of blessing. Perfection and power are often accepted as a sign of success; anything less or different is but failure.

Dysmorphic purpose and value often arise when perfection and power abound.  Beauty often is displayed in the ordinary, the simple and the broken.

If the imperfections that you have are beyond your choosing and your control, consider them as divine gifts and carry on.  Do not stumble or break your stride when in the eyes of others beauty is not reflected.  Smile with those who smile with you. Brush the dirt off the welcome mat as you shut the door behind you to those who merely tolerate you.  If you are not accepted into their fold, it comes not from your flaws but because they are unable.  Lock arms and hearts with those who see with beauty, strength and purpose from within their heart.  

Her beauty is in her walk.  


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