What I Want

It is not on the mountaintop where I wish to live as life happens below and out of reach for me.  It is not in the valley where I care to reside where the rocks fall and the waters rise.  Though there is nowhere I can go that is beyond the Hand of the Almighty, it is in the cleft of the Rock where I long to feel most at home.  Let not my feet get so far off the ground that my earthly presence has no value.  Let not my heart become so laden that a grave must be dug to find me. 

It is not a house of many levels where I wish to dwell.  There may be fine furnishings, crystal pools and planned landscapes, yet inside there is emptiness shared with strangers.  Though circumstances may be sparse and I live hand-to-mouth, fill my home with people who know how to love.  Give me peace that settles with belonging.  Let not the rooms be divided by walls of pain and anger but let respect and gentleness carpet our foundation and drape our views.

I do not want a gaggle of friends who find their worth by the credit cards in their wallets and by the logos on their purses.  I do not want to blend in where the glamour on their faces and the glitz on their fingers match the depths of conversation. What I want are intimate friends who are wise and discerning and a life full of people who value relationships more than things.

The trials of life, they come unbidden, out of nowhere and beyond our control.  Death is as much a part of life as birth and pain as joy.  There can be no peak without knowledge of the ravines, no peace without the tension of conflict.  What I want is a faith that abides, beyond the joy and regardless of the pain.  

In the quietness of the midnight hour when there is nothing but the Harvest Moon to view through the windows, what I want is clarity of vision for more than just what happens for today.  Though my heartbeat can be heard only by me in this moment, what I want is my heart to be felt in the sweet by and by.  Let not my words be limited by the period at the end but what I want is my words to have purpose and meaning until the end.  



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