Ivory Keys of Peace

The trickling tunes of jazz from the background permeates all rooms of the house.  The ivory keys of peace are being stroked and tamped into an arresting melody of peace.

The light of the sun filters through the opaque window coverings.  Patterns of dappled shadows dance by way of the nudging of wind through the trees, adding layers of texture against the walls and carpeting.

All is well, all is well here in this corner of the world.  Breathe deeply as the ivory keys of peace continue their song.

Breathe deeply for tomorrow may usher in storms of uncertainty and whirlwinds of twisting pain.  Breathe deeply to erase yesterday’s sorrows.

The thoughts that haunted, of memories and of perceived slights, let them be still in the presence of Peace.  The voices that whispered, of unworthiness and of shame, let them be silent as the chords of Truth are played.

The ivory keys of Peace tease a way for the possibilities of hope to enter in.  The dogs of darkness have no choice but to settle from their prowling and to cease their howling.  In the presence of Peace and before the chord of Truth, there is no way other way but to rest and to hope in a Sovereign plan for what is best.  Evil is strong and eternally appears to have free reign but there is a boundary to such power and a limit to such a time it may hold sway.  Do not be distracted and do not be persuaded by that which imitates Peace, Truth and Light; do not be distracted and do no believe the permanence of darkness.

The ivory keys of Peace are being played.  Listen, listen closely for this song was written for you and the tune is everlasting, available this day and every day.


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