Evil or Love?

Though evil was never born, it has repeatedly given birth to acts and deeds progressively darker and often so subtle it is undetectable in its origins. Though evil never dies and always seems to thrive, the presence of evil often brings death and always seems to thrust its victim into a battle just to survive. Though evil was not conceived by the union of two living beings, evil can penetrate your soul and render you as a product incapable of natural human interaction.

In purity, Love was conceived and was brought into the world to bind up the broken hearted, to set the captive free, to bring light into darkness.  Love is progressive in healing, in freedom and in vision.  The presence of Love does not produce victims nor promotes oppression.  Where there is Love, there is life and life abundantly.  When life has been permeated with Love, life takes on a new meaning and is empowered with purpose.

In the hands of evil, there will be pain in the vice of pride. In the end, there will be abandonment and despair.  In the hands of Love, pain may be there as well, but you will never suffer alone nor for eternity.  There will always be redemption and hope.

Both will knock on your door, this evil and Love.  It is you who decides which knock to answer, though the itinerary for your journey may not be foreknown.  Pack lightly and travel wisely, for the baggage upon returning may be heavier than you planned to bear.


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