The Heart Still Hurts

Loss comes in many forms as does death. Sometimes it is a slow process and sometimes suddenly. Grief happens immediately for some and intermittently for others. The pain of loss and the process of grief are no respecter of persons. The heart still hurts and the mind is still anguished.

For some, death is not the end but a change of address with a new beginning. The Comforter of Eternity Past, Eternity Present and Eternity Future will walk with the grieving through the valley. HE will give grace and courage, for however long the process takes. HE will never leave you nor forsake you. When the shock and the anger pass, HE will bring laughter back into your life.

The sharpness and depth of the pain are mirror images of the intensity and the depth of the love shared with the loved one lost. Though there is The Comforter, the heart still hurts and the mind is still anguished.

It’s natural to suspend living with joy in the moment and for some time, but there even though the loved one is no longer beside you, life is still before you.  Hold in your heart that which was good and know that one day you will again be able to celebrate these very same memories and events.  Let the heart rest where it is safe as the hurt and the pain rock your world; do not let go of your anchor.

Perhaps loss and death came to you through evil acts or through a premature death, but doesn’t all death of a loved one feel premature?  You may have entered the school of grief against your will but you will survive each test one test at a time.  There are some days that you will feel like you passed and there will be nights where you feel like a permanent failure.

It is only your pain and your loss holding you captive in the moment.  You will have more moments to come.  You will know joy again and will regain the want to live another moment.  Though death surely is a part of life, so too is healing a part of loving.  But for now, the heart still hurts and the mind is still anguished.


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