The Mirror of Time

There’s not much that is familiar as she looks in the mirror, not much familiar from 20 years ago. The background walls, decor and furniture are different. Only the eyes of the woman facing the looking glass are the same now as then; her body is broader, shorter and more stooped. Even her reason for gazing deeply at her reflection is different.

Twenty years ago, the woman had dreams and goals and drive for a better future. She was confident that she would achieve them all and nothing was going to stop her. Her home was meticulously kept, her body fashionably dressed with accessories matching in every detail. Her car was maintained by the book. Her schedule was predictable and she always awoke before the alarm sounded. She obeyed every figure of authority present in her life.

Now she watches others who bear the same burdens like she had twenty years ago. She sees their frustrations and hears their anger. Whether spoken or held in silence, fear and anxiety are threads woven in most aspects of their lives. If only she had a voice, if only they were willing to listen, she would tell them of the things she has learned. Everything changes with time, yet there is nothing new under the sun.


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