In Sovereignty’s Time

Pain is not evil, if it moves you in the right direction. Nothing about it makes us run toward it; even so, an enemy it is not.

Neither rain nor sunshine are evil, if it brings forth a productive garden. Nothing about it should be dreaded; even so, too much of a good thing is too much.

Love is not evil, if delivered with pure hands and by a sound mind. Nothing about it should be self-serving; even so, seeds of destruction have been sewn in the guise of love.

Happiness happens when all is favorable and fair in love and war. Neither can be guaranteed and both are rare. Serenity may be present when the present is undisturbed. Faith, faith in Sovereignty is seeing when there is loss, grief and despair in our vision.

Abiding peace and joy is not for the faint of heart. A cross we must bear in the fight supremely won. There will be sacrifice and perhaps bruises, cuts and loss of blood too. Do not give up or give in for redemption and resurrection always comes in Sovereignty’s time.


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