Always a Reason

In the Spring, allergies attack.
In the Summer, legs and feet swell beyond belief.
In the Fall, allergies return.
In the Winter, it hurts too much to walk.

In the sun, I easily burn.
In the wind, I cannot stand.
In the rain, I slip in the mud.
In the snow, I am a prisoner inside.

In crowds, I am easily pushed over.
In small groups, I am immediately bored.
In front of another, I am scrutinized too closely.
In my home alone, I am lonely.

In every circumstance, there is always a reason.
In every season, there is always an obstacle.
In plenty and in want, it too remains the same.
We choose to see what we want.

Always a reason to complain will stalk.
Always a reason to fear will lurk.
Always a reason to doubt will prick.
Always a reason to fight will haunt.

Always a reason to hear, “Peace be still”.
Always a reason to pursue Truth.
Always a reason to denounce the lies.
Always a reason to simply be and be all there.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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