The Hand on His Shoulder

He walked through the crowd, alert yet lost in thought.  The hand that rested on his son never lost contact.  The connection between them was tangible and physical, heartfelt and soul affirming.

With calm assurance he walked through that crowd, unconcerned yet appraising.  The gentle hand on his son’s shoulder offered protection.  The weight was assuring and not oppressive.

In constant contact with his son, he walked just a step behind the son as they walked in unison.  Towering above, he guided the way with extended vision as each step moved the son forward jauntily.

The hand on his shoulder conveyed authority and love.  The hand on his shoulder was calloused from work and gentle with love.  The hand on his shoulder was sovereign in wisdom and open with acceptance.

Should the hand on his shoulder ever be denied that position and that contact, both lives would shatter and both hearts would grieve.  Break not connection of the hand on the shoulder.  A Father’s love is uniquely divine, inherently designed, eternally valued.


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