In the Day of Storms

Today the skies are heavy and dark with clouds. The roads and byways are awash with rushing waters. Trees are down.

News tell the stories of senseless murders and injustice. Rare cancers take the lives of the young. Doom, woe, evil and shame seduces and claims the faint of heart and weak of mind.

Perfect is this day to rest within the safety of the Sanctuary. The beauty and wonder of the Holy of Holies draws me in. The mind is renewed and the heart expands as mercy rains down.  Your Grace shrouds out the world and Your Love welcomes me in.

The Word proclaims Your Glory, Your Power, Your Sovereignty.  Your Truth, Truth you are, have stood the test and trials of time.  Death could not overtake you.  By the tree You gave Yourself, only to return in fullness of life.  The skies were dark that day, but the skies opened up to receive You in the fullness of time.  Your Spirit waits with Love and Grace to enter the heart of any and all.

Who am I to dwell on and to fear within the news of the day?  I am but a sojourner on this earth and none of this I can change.  Your Strength and Your Wisdom are all that I have to offer as good and sure within me.

In the day of storms, it is You Who walks on water and calms the seas.


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