Created in His Image

Created in His image, I entered the world as a baby.
Though in human form I began to live, within me was Godlikeness.

Never will I be God and never will I share His glory.
But I am created as imago Dei, a shadow of Who He is.

I am created, as a new thing, human yet spiritual.
I have the ability of understanding and wisdom.
A beast I do not have to mimic.
Survivor instincts are not my only guide.

I can communicate with others and with God, my Creator.
I have eyes to see the Divine and ears to listen to His will.
My desires and passions do not have to consume me.
I am given a free will to worship as well as a longing to do so.

I am capable of pursuing Holiness.
But it is strictly up to me.
Should I choose not to, then holy I will not be.
Should I pursue substitutes, to substitute gods I slave.

When substitute gods come after me, it is for control they seek.
Oppression will follow as well as darkness and little deaths.
My destruction and their self-gratification are what they are after.
Woe to those who endeavor to be my god and not as Godlikeness.

Created in His image, I am in this world as a divine woman.
Though I live for now on this earth, the Authority of Heaven presides over me.


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