Even If

Even if I had all the money in the world and I bought for you all the houses, cars, clothes and electronic things that you could ever want, I could never buy for you what brings true happiness.

The houses, cars, clothes and electronic gadgets put you in line for social acceptance but are poor substitutes for self esteem, confidence and a feeling of belonging.  Without them you will always feel unworthy, unloved and alone.

Even if I had escalating titles and positions in economic and career bliss, I could never position you for success.  If this is all I have to offer you, then I will have taught you how to be driven until you have reached every cliff.

The positions and the power will open doors to places and people of entitlement but are twisted resources for teaching personal responsibility and personal character.

Even if I pull strings and push back to atone for your discrepancies and idiosyncrasies, I will never be able to pull you into integrity and strength of character.  If this is how I use my influence for you, I will have taught you to live in denial.

Short-circuiting the school of consequences keeps you safely within my control but it only allows you to grow within the length of my leash.

Even if I spend a lifetime performing the impossible and loving you to death, still in the end I have only smothered you to death.  I have taught you neither how to live nor how to love. I have taught you neither the value of life nor the purpose of life.  I have taught you how to be a reflection of me.

Even if I were to sacrifice my life for yours, I cannot become your savior.  A life of hell is yours to live if I have kept you from a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness that comes from the indwelling and anointing of Grace.


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