It’s Complicated

For some, the fairy tale never began and the happily ever after will only be ever after.

For some, fighting to survive and fighting for a moment of respect and fighting the darkness inside is a way of life. “It’s complicated” is not just a buzz word but it is reality and it is the norm.

For some, the Gospel and the Trinity are not things to quip and quote and the basis of cute posters. Salvation and Heaven’s Savior are the only hope for a life worth living here on earth. Heaven is not just the avoidance of eternity in hell but a blessed relief from hell on earth. Heaven means the uninterrupted presence of the One Who is Unconditional Love.

If life here is so complicated that all you can see is more complicated, perhaps there is a need for a Salvation and a Savior beyond your creation.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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