Full and Richly Blessed

If I have gained a pound of wisdom for every pound of weight I’ve put on since high school and college, then I would be a woman richly padded with wisdom. The thing is, I was not fully grown then and yet to do a lot of living. The school of life doesn’t come with diplomas but with many degrees of loving and learning, suffering and surviving.

If I had a penny for every bruise and every fall, then I could live now in ease, comfort and pleasure and could line my coffin in gold. The thing is, the rewards for living with abandon nor life’s success cannot necessarily be measured by what other’s can see nor how they measure. It is measured by peace in the innermost being.

Who I am has been shaped and fashioned by what I have had and by what I haven’t had. The suffering and surviving have been as important as the loving and the learning. Those doctors and strangers and folks from foreign lands have been gifts of God as much as those close at hand and quite familiar.

I enjoy life for who I am today, not for what should have been nor by “if only”. Life for me is full and richly blessed–even if what you see tells you differently.


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