When A Hungry Soul Returns

The morning after a restless night’s sleep always brings questions and thoughts that haunt the mind with their persistence and oppression. The battled mind makes the body seem weaker and attacked with pains old and new.

Videos and internet adventures keep me locked inside, physically and mentally. My emotions vegetate and root even deeper to right where my thoughts are taking me.

Sometimes music frees me in spirit and mind, elevating me to a different place and time, a hiding place. Some call it worship but only then am I ready to settle down and to apply myself to reading Truth or other serious matters. Almost always stepping outside my door into the wider world takes me to another higher ground. Simple beauty and profound peace can be viewed and seen, heard and listened to, just outside these walls wherein I am bound.

Often times I wonder what will it take to be more like these birds of the air and the critters who thrive on and around my property. Daily I watch them gathering food, building their homes and frolicking about. They are carefree, yet they do have to work to survive. They live in the moment and take time to play and strut about, although death often suddenly overtakes them. Daily I watch them, watching me!

When my mind has lost its clamor and clutter, then I can return to the table for a cuppa and abiding food for a hungry soul.


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