When you were born, you came from the womb just as I formed you.  The miracle of Life and the gift of Love carried you from your mother’s womb into the presence of a waiting world.  You slipped into hands reaching out to take hold of you and to wrap you in a fresh and new anointing.

Your first breath suspended time for all those in attendance.  You were inspected from your head to your toes.  Your first cry was the only language that you knew yet those surrounding you understood well what you were saying.

You arrived in some ways like all others, yet your story was unique and overwhelming. Your birth was nothing short of amazing and your body, like no other, writhed in the truth that miracles do happen.

You know, even as time has passed and you’ve grown far more than expected, in the most authentic ways you have not changed.  You are still evidence that miracles happen. You are still unique, overwhelming and amazing.  You are still cradled by the Hands Who wrapped you in a new fresh anointing at your birth.

You’ve learned a new language and a new way to communicate, though the ability to cry has stayed with you.  In those moments when the world is too much to handle and words escape you, tears are just an overflow of what is going on inside.  When you cry out in desperation now,  it haunts Me just as much as it did the first time I heard it from you. Never fear for you will always have a grip on My heart.  I listened to you then and passed you forward to someone for love and nurturing.

I listen to you still, and I will bring to pass whatever needs to happen to keep you in the center of My love and protection.  You will come to recognize Me in those who are familiar and intimate, as well as strangers.  They, too, will see you and will see the divine courage and strength in you.  You will have a glow about you, because I have put it there.  They who have eyes to see Me will embrace you and join you in celebrating Life and Love.

The miracle of Life and the gift of Love will carry you all the way through.  You will never be alone and you will always be celebrated.  My anointing over you will elevate you above your circumstances and My grace will keep you safe and grounded in the midst of your circumstances.  I will fight your battles, if only you let Me.  My banner over you is Love. Raise it high and wave it with purpose.

And never stop crying out for Me.  I will always be there.


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