Power to Thrive, Power to Kill

You have an overwhelming influence upon my life.  It has been that way since the day that I met you.  You touched me with hands of concern and great care.  You recognized then how fragile I was.

You became my rock and my anchor, the essential figure in my life.  I learned your facial expressions and the tones of your voice.  I learned when your touch was based on duty and when that touch was an expression of the tenderness of your heart.

I would see sadness and tears in your eyes.  I would see fatigue in your face.  Each time I wished that I could change all that.

I would see moments of pleasure and hear spurts of laughter.  Each time I wished that I could be a part of all that.

Within you is the power to cause others to thrive.  Within you is the power to kill the will of the one who comes close to you.  I simply must wait to see which one of you I will meet today.


2 thoughts on “Power to Thrive, Power to Kill

    • I hope all is well for you, “all” being relative in a manner of speaking.

      Indeed, these are days of deep thought. I have a burden, I have a task and there is a great need for the expression of Grace.


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