A Tangled Web From Which I Speak

A tangled web from which I speak is a good analogy of my thoughts and feelings.  Like well-lubricated pistons, fiery thoughts ping from one to another, powering the machine to go full throttle ahead.  It is the driver who must take control and harness the power and direct the path of that beautifully-engineered machine.

If I were to realize and accept that the tangled web is actually a net of strength, my thoughts and feelings would not be a threat and an enemy from within.  If I, as the driver, would recognize a harmful piston firing up and take that thought into a safe and balanced place, my feelings would follow … or is it, that my thoughts follow my feelings?

Either from the thought, or from the feeling, if I consciously wrangle its vicious spark into a place of reason and even better, upon a foundation of Truth, then I am the driver and not a victim of a vehicle out of control.

Short circuit the self-destructive path and take command in the evil turns.  Know with certainty the limits of my mind that is a beautiful machine and use its strength and its power to drive me forward to a new and unexplored territory, and not round and round on a well-beaten path.  An unending race of lap upon lap within the confines of a downward spiral or even a track that leads no where is not, for me, a way to live.  Take me instead on those paths across hills and through valleys, savoring the meadows and the mountaintops, bathing in the wonder of endless horizons and possibilities.

But for now, before this worldwide and wide-eyed adventure can begin, I must first know the Truth and learn to take command of the beautiful mind I possess.  My heart, perhaps wounded, must know the Truth as well, for my heart and my mind function in tandem.

Let it be, let it be, that I may become like a professional driver of my mind and of my heart. Mine is the will these two must follow, not the path on which pain and anger follow.  Mine is the will that must be submitted to a Grace beyond this earthly kingdom.

A tangled web from which I speak is a good analogy of my thoughts and feelings, when others take control as backseat drivers.


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