A Pit of Quicksand

In a pit of quicksand, you watch them fall. They believe it’s a sparkling pool of refreshing water, so much so that diving in couldn’t be resisted.

You reach out your hand and wait, as sweat drops of fear trickles down your brow. Your arm trembles with fatigue and you wonder how long your strength will hold out in this extended position.

Waiting on God Who works miracles requires humility, faith and resting upon His Word. Waiting on those who are drowning in their own foolishness demands wisdom from above and placing both of your hands in the hands of the God Who heals.

The quicksand that shimmers with golden light entices and calls the naive and the desperate.  To jump in after them with the hopes of rescue will only bring your own demise.  Stand by on solid ground and be vigilant.  The rope that you toss must be secured to what is immoveable.  The God Who heals uses hands like yours and mine. Keep them safe in His until He says it’s time.


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