If You Must Fight

Satan goes to church, more often than the average Christian. Sometimes we carry him with us, giving him a free ride. Sometimes he uses guns to kill off a chosen few. Otherwise hate, jealousy and pride are his tools.

Satan tucks our children to bed every night, repeating to them in the quiet hours with gentle whispers the harmful words spoken to them throughout the day.

Satan locks the doors behind couples as they enter their homes, making sure that nothing can come between them when the bickering, attacks and games begin.

The more jokes about him and creative cartoons drawn of him, the more positive notoriety he receives. The reality of his evil is diminished until with force and darkness he erupts and then we want to hide or to flee.

Oh, history testifies of the horrors of who he is, especially when we mention certain people’s names. Media today will vilify an individual when acts of destruction and abuse they commit. The religious-hearted will crusade, rage and war against all shadows of darkness, great or small, perceived or not.

It is not often that Satan is seen for who he is. An angel of light he appears to those who are desperate and have lost their way. The entertainer he is for those who need a babysitter and recreational medication. The tongue unhinged and razor sharp with thrusts of sarcasm and bitterness, yet applauded as intelligence above another. The brittle mind locked in stubbornness and pride, barking at God and the Book of Truth.

Deception, twisting of facts, lack of integrity, delusions of rights all bear the hallmark of the eternal evil one. He knows you well and the ones you love, perhaps even better than you know yourself.

He’s not so powerful that he has not been conquered by one and only One Who is Light. His history of darkness is long and his future is not bright. Be careful how and with whom you travel through life, however. He may be beside you or close by to make your life a living hell.

Open your eyes to see who he really is and how active within your circle life he may be. The Book of Truth declares when to flee and when to fight. Put on your armor and pick up your sword. Be wise, be vigilant. Be courageous and do not let go of the Truth. If you must fight, attack him and not his pawns for if you do otherwise, his evil is only multiplied.


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