In Excess

A mind in denial lives in excess.

Credit cards are maxed out, in rhyme and rhythm to the memories that haunt.
The body grows in abundance, in rhyme and rhythm of food and alcohol consumption.

The house grows large, as storage is needed.  Toys and grand necessities must have a place to hide.  Pay the mortgage and the insurance, while neighbors watch for newspaper and mail delivery when you’re on the run.

Sleep overwhelms, needing hours of ten or twelve or even more before you wake feeling refreshed.  Grab the sugar and the caffeine to keep you upright until you sack out again.

Sleep evades, there’s simply no time for it.  The house must be cleaned, the lawn manicured, the gym is calling and the shooting star must be chased for fame and fortune are just over the horizon.

A mind in excess is far removed from the mind at rest.


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