Commitment That Tethers

The circle of commitment within that thin band of gold binds me longer than the presence of the ring. The ring itself, though no longer on my finger, made an impression that is not easily removed.

Fairy tale dreams throughout the courtship compared nought to watching you walk down that aisle. A force from heaven split my soul asunder when I said “I do” to you and left me quaking with the miracle of you.

Life has carried us down many roads since then and the miles we’ve traveled brought satisfaction as well as frustration. Children that we brought into this world together point to the best of us when we were as one.

This band of gold no longer rests upon my finger. Though I understand in the light of day, in the dark hours my heart still questions why. There’s no going back and undoing all the things that were done and now the future is overwhelmingly looming ahead. Perhaps one day the circle of commitment that tethers my heart will fade away and I will see my way forward.


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