Salty Overflow

The wink of the sun through the tall pines and ancient oaks promised another day of heat and humidity. Already my clothes were wet with sweat, even before the 7 AM hour. Watering flower beds, potted plants and hydrangea bushes may bring a moment of joy and pride for me, but is also a necessity if I want to promote growth of beauty and maintain any investment.

Weeds and grass in the flower bed and clover around the bushes need to be pulled. Seedlings from fallen acorns are pushing up as well in unwanted places. Withering blooms need to be deadheaded. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Snipping off dead and rotting blooms brings more blooms.

Such is life. Where there is growth and evidence of beauty, there will also be evidence of things not wanted. Where there is success and previous accomplishment that has served beyond its purpose, there must be pruning and snipping away so that new can come to life again.

The sweat of the brow is but salty overflow of a life in pursuit of whatsoever is lovely, admirable and pure.


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