She Just Is

She just is.

When she is happy, she just is. She runs at top speed toward nothing specific. She swings at the ball as hard as she can and cares not if her stick or toy golf club makes contact with the ball. Her movements mimics those she has seen at the game and that is all that matters to her.

When she is scared, she just is. That tooth that needs pulling and is barely intact is off-limits to any adult hand. Stories of intimidation, efforts at bribery and power plays simply will not withstand her fear.

When she is lonely, she just is. Her room, her home is full of gifts and toys and all things that bring joy. Her days, her life is so full of places to go, things to do and people to see. What brings her meaning is one-on-one time, a cuddle, a shared ice cream.

When she is full of life, she just is. Books cannot be read to her quickly enough and the story line on the pages is too simple. She questions the artwork and always, always wonders why. Movies meant for someone twice her age are what catches her attention. She will not take for herself the last treat in the box. She puts pillows behind you when you are in pain. She raises the footrest of the recliner so that you can be comfortable … and not slip away from her.

She just is. How gray and flat life would be if she were not here.


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