Time is Precious

Time is precious and death is not the only thief. Death opens the door that separates now from eternity.

The thief that slowly erodes the gift of the present is time forfeited to bitterness, blame and anger. The thief that slowly steals the gift of the present is time held by the parasite of dementia and loss of mental capacity. It is as though the person is free-falling into an abyss of nothingness. Where it leads, no one knows.

Time is precious. Spend it wisely with those you hold dear.

If you’ve built a home with them, why do you wander far and wide chasing dreams and identity? If your jobs are grand, your notoriety wide and your toys are many, why are you never satisfied, at peace or even fleetingly happy?

Time is precious. It is the one thing that those who love you wish they had more of, from you.

Time is precious. God gives you the present daily and the future for all eternity.


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