Grace and Hope Again

When the heart knows rejection,
when the heart experiences abandonment,
there is a kind of death
that feels eternal and irreversible.

One begins a list of regrets,
one begins a list of self incriminations,
all based on inward retrospection
that feeds victimization and anger.

Then hopeless is explored,
then bitterness creeps in,
all because the world
has just caved in.

Pain should only be a part of life,
pain however becomes our life,
because our heart is imploding
and eroding from within.

Recognize the wound,
acknowledge the loss,
work through the grief
as you allow the Healer in.

When the heart remains open,
one is free to be vulnerable,
then the pain will grow less controlling
as life encompasses grace and hope again.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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