The blanket of denial warms and protects all who settle within it. It is not an effort to be dishonest or to bow out of responsibility; it is a response of the heart and the mind that cannot accept or deal with a different reality.

Indeed, what one believes is reality … but not necessarily true.

For those who live outside the realm of that blanket, the Truth is the only Person, the Way, the Life to freedom, to sanity, and to health. Walk in the Light, for therein lies the only security.

Walk in the Light and allow the Light to take responsibility for those who sit in darkness. Do not let hopelessness and anger overwhelm you, but instead let grief and compassion for a blinded soul guide you.

Take heart and be courageous. “It is well with my soul” is not just about what you believe. It is Truth.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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