Set the Captives Free

Set him free, Lord, set him free!
Not circumstantially, legally, nor financially
but by Your Healing and Your Sovereignty.

Open his eyes to see wherein he lives in darkness.
Open his mind to replace offenses with Your healing touch.
Open his heart to fill it with You in every crevice of brokenness.

The bars that hold him now and the gates that are closed,
keep them firmly shut so that only You may enter in.
Dysfunction and enabling may they never again hem him in.

Set her free, Lord, set her free!
With You and with You only is where she longs to be
for where You are, there is life everlasting.

Release her body from its terra firma hold.
Release her mind into Your glory divine!
Release her heart from cords that keep her bound.

Here on earth, her journey has been long and hard;
alas pain and weariness are now her traveling companions.
Steal her away into Your present and perfect rest.


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