In the land where God’s Glory house sits,
there is natural beauty, wild and untouched.

Visitors come and visitors go,
all having partaken of divine blessedness.

On this land of glory and peace,
many have walked and prowled this acreage.

By day, the deer, rabbits, birds and butterflies settle.
By night, so do the feral hogs, armadillos, skunks and the like.

Even where God’s blessings and presence rests,
there can be destruction, threat and distress.

As opposing as these two realities may be,
therein lies the tension of the here and now.

The one doesn’t discount the other,
nor does one negate living responsibly and prudently.

The gifts of the Divine One and Eternal Sovereignty are mine,
so too are mine the sweat and tears that it takes to steward them rightly.


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