May I Have This Dance?

The dance was organized.
The orchestra was hired.
The banquet table was spread.

The courtship began.
The wooing followed.
The dance swept everyone away.

The steps became intricate.
The dancers stumbled in failed effort.
The pain crashed in with great surprise.

The Healer was there.
The Gentleman was He.
The Patient One, full of Grace, He waited.

The deceiver was there.
The accuser was he.
The forceful one, an opportunity he seized.

The pain became the focus.
The warfare went unnoticed.
The battle raged within the battleground of pain.

The delusions kept us blind.
The wounds rendered us crippled.
The war within and above increased the pain.

The pain originally was a simple stumped toe.
The raging war increased and elevated the crisis.
The chosen victim soon became a total lower limb amputee.

The next time pain fills the dance card, bow out with swiftness and grace.
The dance will go on as before as will the dancers circling the floor.
The courtship with pain always ends with an unholy crucifixion.

There is no other like The Healer.
There is no freedom other than with Him.
There is no attacker that He cannot protect you from.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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