The seeds of childhood
germinates in the teen years
and bears fruit as an adult.

The seeds of love are there
and so too are the seeds of
anger, greed and shame.

With the heat of life glaring
and the rains of adversity pouring
the seeds will sprout and bloom.

Harvest time will come
with the crop to be determined
in kind and in abundance.

How precious are the children
of whom we’ve been cultivating
with their future in our hands.

Innocence lost does not mean maturity
nor is cunning a sign of wisdom
so choose their priority of which they learn.

Model day to day the person
we hope them to be for ’tis true
that we reap what we sow.

Not only should we heed
that word of advice but as well
guard against the weeds and tares.

Yesterday and today pass
in a matter of minutes
yet the future looms ahead.

The man child and the girl child
we hold this day are tender and
teachable only for this minute right now.

Invest wisely, consciously and faithfully
in him and in her for what they witness
today guides their tomorrow.


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