Crippled in Both Feet

HE declared that I should be born
alive with a plan to thrive
though the physicians thought not so.

Indeed by HIS word and for HIS glory
HE deemed that it would be so
and so the deed was done.

With low expectations at delivery
the baby proceeded as HE planned yet
contrary to the doctors and her mother.

But alas I came to be with
a weaker body than others
and a will other worldly.

Simply because
from heaven HE willed me
to be specially designed.

For you see, HE decided
that I should be
crippled in both feet.

Now truth be told
in the beginning I was born
lame from head to toe.

But with time by divine intervention
I appropriated movement
and strength from above.

Yet I remain lame
in both feet dependent
and weak as some consider.

This too is and remains
by divine design
and for a special reason.

The strength of my legs
and feet HE kept for
HIMSELF in heaven.

For without HIM,
I cannot walk and far
HE will not let me wander.

Of this, I do not mind
but I am not
the point of the story.

It is a picture of HIS
grace and love, a message
that foretells of eternal treasure.

In HIS presence we are
welcomed and at HIS table
we are privileged to dine.

Cripples we all are unworthy
by earthly sight yet
Grace made us royalty.

So let us not walk as though
we are lame, weak, and
frail without purpose or aim.

One day, indeed, I will run
with God down streets
of gold in heaven.

But for now, in this race I must
continue pressing onward
to the goal HE has set before me.

“There is still a son of Jonathon who is crippled in both feet.”
(2 Samuel 9)


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