The Difference

The numbers increase every day
of acts of terror, rage and fear.

Louder and louder people shout
proclaiming knowledge or is it vengeance?

The little voices in their heads rival
the darkness in their hearts or so it seems.

Reaction comes quickly and certainly
from a platform of me, myself and mine.

Threatened we feel with our backs against the wall
so outward we thrust with bitterness, anger and strife.

Oh but the simple man, woman and child waits quietly
keeping their peace and holding their tongue.

Watching and waiting, silently praying but ready
for action when HIS wisdom they receive.

Preparations for battle, for peace, for joy and for life
one must always actively if not assertively seek.

Living is not passive, nor is love, hate, peace or joy
but only the wise and the discerning will see the difference.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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