HE Will Be Waiting

He said that he loved her, that she was his princess daughter.
Then one day he left for he stopped loving the girl’s mother.
He trashed the house while no one was at home.
He broke her heart and tore her world apart.
Nightmares riddled her sleep.
Fear became her ever-present companion.
So she began to learn not to trust.
For this reason, Jesus died on the cross.
HE left heaven and entered earth’s story.
Divine power lifted HIM from the grave.
HIS power HE longs to give to you.
The shroud of death was left in the tomb.
New life HE brings, redemptive love too.
She said that she loved her, a princess of a daughter.
She fought hard and relentlessly to keep the castle standing.
Decision after decision was made fast and furiously.
Drama and vengeance left no time for rest and peace.
Pretty as a picture the child continues to grow.
Fear niggles away still in the quiet, private hours.
Surprise after surprise invades her trust as hope fades.
For this reason, God revealed Himself to her one day.
HE gave her a glimpse of playing with HIM in heaven.
HE is the Father that will never leave her.
HIS love for her is fiercer than a lioness for her cub.
She will grow into a beautiful woman, that’s for sure.
HE will be there, waiting to heal her little girl’s heart.

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