Two Women

Two women, one old and one young, received the blessing that it was a child she carried inside.

The elder one was a married woman, wizened by years of prayer and waiting for this blessed child. Her husband, elderly too, lived the life of a priest in the tabernacle of the Holy One.

The younger woman, a child really, was untried, pure and vulnerable. She was a person of no significance; neither was the man already chosen to be her husband one day in the future.

Both of these women received the favor of their God, the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham. Both of these women were women of faith, who became vessels for miracles of impossibility.

So very different, yet so very alike, were these two. Neither should be mothers in the natural sense. Yet both became pregnant with the presence and by the power of the Holy Spirit working in them.

These two women gave birth to two men whose lives were purposed to herald the work of the Holy Spirit. One prayed for a lifetime before her faith gave birth to reality. One simply received and accepted the unexpected new life within her.

Two women, one old and one young, delivered into this earthly kingdom gifts from the Eternal. A child given, however received, has always been and will always be, a gift from heaven above.


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