‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season to celebrate, to share with all the world.
Yet for those who have suffered loss, ’tis the season for weeping.

Loved ones may have already gone ahead to the Promised Land.
Some were taken by surprise and others by God’s healing hand.

Children, young and old, may be waiting for parental affirmation.
Mothers and fathers may be sitting home alone and forgotten.

If you have tears of mourning, be assured of this one thing.
There is One who knows you and your grieving.

HE too suffered in separation and in rejection.
HE knows what it is to live divinely and yet not be enough.

I tell you about HIM because HE knows your name and your pain.
Although HE is God, HE came to earth as a humanly-born child.

While the earth may be gathering to celebrate, consider being still.
Before HIM in holiness and humility, let your tears lead you to HIM.

Aching though your heart may be, your heart is safe with HIM.
HE will never leave you or forsake you and HIS heart is for you.

Not all things in life are pleasant nor are they fair!
But do not doubt and do not fear, HE is always there!

Consider being still in HIS Presence and let HIM envelope you.
Consider resting in HIS Peace and let HIM carry you!

The noise and the gaiety of the season will soon be over.
Trust HIM with your NOW and your tears, your questions and fears.

I say again, and again I say HIS love for you will never end.
HE keeps track of your sorrows and bottles all your tears.

One day you will rejoice with HIM and by HIM you will rejoice.
For now, just listen to HIS heart until the noise and ache grow dim.


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